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Glitter Lips

Pretty glitter lipstick that will last all day!

The first time I was introduced to Glitter Lips I was immediately obsessed with the product. Glitter Lips makes a statement and with 19 diverse shades, it can be worn from the classroom to the boardroom to a night out on the town and everywhere in between.

As I researched this female- owned company I knew this was a story I could stand behind. As the US Distributor for the brand and owner of Glitter Lips USA, I am excited to share Glitter Lips as well as the full line of Beauty BLVD products with individuals as well as those interested in retailing the products in their own salons, boutiques, or as independent consultants.

With all the recent news and media coverage on cosmetic products, please be assured that all products have been tested and meet Cosmetic Safety Assessments, as well as UK and EU Legislation. We test on make-up loving humans, not innocent animals.

Coco Loco
Ruby Slippers
Vintage Pretty
Ultra glam
Cherry Pie
Molly Dolly
Purple Reign
Coral Reef
Sparkling Rose
Diamond in the buff
skinny dip
Hula tallulah
Dark disorder
Midas KISS
Disco kiss go
Guilty Rose

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