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Club Quarantine Candle Collection

I know y’all was probably at DJ Dnice Club Quarantine along with the rest of the world and it was sooo bomb. I had so much fun dancing in my living room with my drink and my candles lit.


Candles are so necessary in times like these. Candles bring me peace especially when going through a dark time. What better way to uplift your spirits then with Quarantine candles and musical vibes to go with it?! As we come together from the comfort of our homes, we want to offer some light hearted humor to drown out the rest of the craziness going on. Send to a friend who could use some light and peace during this time.


Virtual Cookout:

Notes: Watermelon


Club Quarantine

Notes: Wild Berries and Vanilla


Hot Girl Quarantine:

Notes: Floral Hibiscus and Coconut


Quarantine and Chill:

Notes: Grapefruit and Mango


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