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Get to Know Our Grind Pretty Fest Host and Founder

March 20, 2023

Get to Know Our Grind Pretty Fest Host and Founder

Mimi Johnson, also known as Mimi J., is a multi-faceted business woman who has walked through many doors to leave them cracked for the women behind her. She’s a mom, a mentor , and a movement builder who has discovered the importance of working toward your dreams while also striving to maintain yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University securing a B.A. degree in Marketing, and also became a prestigious member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Eventually becoming an Atlanta-based celebrity make-up artist, Mimi’s work has been seen on networks such as Bravo, VH1, Oxygen, Aspire, and Lifetime. Some of her clients include Angela Simmons, Da Brat, and Halle Bailey just to name a few. Through her passion for artistry, Mimi founded The Glamatory, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup line. 

​​“Life is an experiment meant to be conducted fearlessly. The Glamatory empowers all people to embrace this bold and beautiful experiment called life with products and services that enhance their beauty and confidence. The Glamatory was born out of my own trials and errors, successes and failures, standing as a celebration of the grace, grit, and resilience found within us all.” Mimi remarks. 

As Mimi began making her mark through the entertainment and beauty industry, Grind Pretty (GP) was born. A movement that connects its audience with business experts, influencers and other entrepreneurs , in efforts to motivate women to build their own empires.

As the editor-in-chief of GP, Mimi is usually the one conducting interviews so we switched it up and got inside of HER brain for once. Check it out below:

GP: What is your “why” as an entrepreneur?

Mimi J.: “As a makeup artist, it started with seeing someone have a boost of confidence that they can take [into] their day, but that changed as my career changed. Grind Pretty happened very organically, and I’m still doing that same thing with wanting women to feel confident and beautiful. However,  it’s also embracing life changes and changes in business and being courageous through the unpretty things. So, I think my purpose now has evolved. My ‘why’ now has evolved to how can I help more women on a larger scale to see that they can persevere through all of the obstacles that life throws us. I think my why has remained constant, but it has grown into a bigger purpose.”

GP: Who is one woman who has greatly impacted your walk of life?

Mimi J.: “There are so many, but I’m going to say my Aunt. My Aunt Marva is who I call my guardian angel on earth. [I have a great relationship with my parents, but] she, I believe , was sent to be my guardian angel. She didn’t have any kids, and I [am] like her daughter to this day. I took from her how she truly [empathizes] and [cares] and [shows love] for other people. She’s so selfless. I think that that was instilled with me and is why I have a big heart for women.”

GP: If you could build your Mount Rushmore of business women who inspire you. Who would those 4 women be?

Mimi J.:“Beyonce, Rihanna, Oprah, and Michelle Obama. Beyonce is the performer, the mother, and  the wife. Rihanna is making a lane for herself to where she can do whatever the heck she wants to do. [She] doesn’t have to make another song ever in life, if she doesn’t want to, because she’s built an empire. I, so, respect that about her. Oprah, I don’t think I need to really explain that one. She’s just you know went from being this small, overlooked media host to a mogul that everyone respects, and Michelle Obama is the epitome of grace and the standard. I think about the times where they ridiculed her for how she looked and any little thing that they could tear apart, and she never showed any sign of distress. That is a woman who truly is the definition of grinding pretty.”

GP: Part of your reasoning for choosing Beyonce was how she handles her motherhood. Describe some trials you’ve had to overcome as an autism mom, and a mom in general, who also juggles being a business woman.

Mimi J.: “That is a whole thing in itself. Things that I’m still going through with my son. It’s [never] an end all be all. You have to intentionally say this is what’s in front of us, okay. ‘What’s the strategy? How do we tackle it?’ But at the end of the day, I think it’s giving yourself grace and having faith that God is always going to provide.”

GP: Now that it’s less than 50 days away, how are you feeling about Grind Pretty Fest?

Mimi J.:“I am always thrilled at how things always come together, and I’m super excited at how [it’s] growing. Every year it gets bigger and better. Even the venue that we’re having it at this year, it’s huge. This year we actually are going to have performances. In true Mimi fashion, if it makes sense in my mind I’m gonna do it. This is year three, and I am super excited. I have something in the works that I can’t say now, but hopefully I’ll be able to say within the next week or so about a major partnership that I’m claiming is going to be in ink in a couple weeks.”

GP: What are some of your goals to ensure that [GP Fest] is a super impactful event?

Mimi J.: “Education is great, [but] I think the biggest part for me is making those connections. It’s being able to connect directly and build your network. I think back on my career, and every major thing that has ever happened has been through a connection. Your work, and your portfolio, and all that good stuff, it can get you noticed or it can keep you where you’re at. The connections are the key thing that I feel take you to the next level. Even if it’s [virtually], there’s ways to connect that you might not get the opportunity to normally do in your everyday routine. It’s time to celebrate with each other [and] be inspired by each other. It’s what I’ve done for the past 2 years, and it’s something that I'll continue to [ensure] for years on out.”

Meet Mimi atGrind Pretty Fest April 22-23rd in Atlanta, Ga for your chance to pick her brain a bit more. Grind Pretty Fest is a two-day experience offering workshops, live music performances, a $5K pitch competition, guest speakers, a VIP brunch, shopping and more! This innovative experience encourages female founders to take a holistic approach in launching and elevating their brands and overall wellness. You can accesstickets here.

Contributed by Sydney Davis and Taylar Broadnax

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