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Grind For Good, founded by Mimi Johnson, is a visionary non-profit organization that centers on the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in underserved and disadvantaged communities, as well as mothers of neurodivergent children. Mimi Johnson, with personal experience as both an entrepreneur and a mother of an autistic child, recognizes the complex journey these women navigate and the unique challenges faced. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between their aspirations and the resources they need, fostering a supportive ecosystem where they can achieve personal and professional success while prioritizing their well-being and the well-being of their children.

Our multi-faceted approach includes:

1. Financial Assistance:

We provide targeted grants to women entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the financial resources necessary to launch and sustain their businesses. This financial support eases the burden and allows them to focus on building successful ventures while providing for their families.

2. Mental Health Support:

Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by these remarkable women, we offer mental health resources and counseling services. Our aim is to create a nurturing environment where they can prioritize their well-being and manage the demands of entrepreneurship and motherhood.

3. Building Community:

We foster a strong and vibrant community where women entrepreneurs and mothers of neurodivergent children can connect, share experiences, and offer mutual support. Through networking events, workshops, and online forums, we create a space where they can find understanding and solidarity.

4. Program Diversification:

Business Empowerment Programs: Tailored programs continue to be a cornerstone of Grind For Good's initiatives. From financial literacy workshops to mentorship opportunities, we equip women entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in business.

Neurodivergent Family Support Programs: Specialized programs cater to mothers of neurodivergent children, offering support groups, therapy services, educational workshops, and recreational activities. We collaborate with experts to ensure these programs are impactful and beneficial.

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