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Give Sis Her Flowers: Meet Noor Founder & CEO of SKINGLASS

March 07, 2022

Give Sis Her Flowers: Meet Noor Founder & CEO of SKINGLASS

Check out our new series, "Give Sis Her Flowers", as we chat with this weeks' Honoree Noor from Skinglass. We speak on the topic "Courage over Comfort",  we take a deep dive into Noor's start on building her flourishing brand. 


GP: Let's talk about going from being a makeup artist, to owning your own brand. How did you step away from what you knew, to growing your brand?

Noor: When I first started Skinglass, it was just for me. I wanted to bottle up a Noor signature face. My signature style was already created, and I stayed true to that regardless of what was going on Instagram. The courage that it took from me, I had enter into a whole new business that no one around me was doing. I didn't see anything, or resources to help. So I had to figure out a lot of details myself, I had to source every piece of information myself. What helped working through my process really came from my years and years of working. Because I had that backing from years of relationships with clients, and friends it really pushed to keep going. I had to focus on that, instead of what I couldn't' do. 

GP: I admire you for seeing something in yourself. You believe in what you were doing, thats the first step. It can be scary to get out of the confront of what you a were use to. Sometimes we do have to do a 9 to 5 job, and thats okay. But I would say in order to grow your business you, its like growing a plant, it needs watering it needs your time and effort. What kept you going and motivated you to continue on your journey of growing this brand? 

Noor: Skinglass is the people's brand. When I had my first product, I was still doing makeup so that demand for the product wasn't on purpose. I didn't have this big marketing strategy planned. It actually sold out of all the units I made, that was the most money I seen in my life. I couldn't believe that I could do it. Moving forward I would do makeup for two weeks, then work on Skinglass for two weeks. Every product I create comes from a feeling, not a trend. I really take my time and do the research, I really want everything to reflect my brand. 


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