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She Grinds Pretty: Meet Jaé Madison of Exodus Photography

June 16, 2022

She Grinds Pretty: Meet Jaé Madison of Exodus Photography

 Meet Jaé Madison, who is a part of a duo photography team with her Husband, Teddy. They've been celebrating others through portraits for 16 years, right here in Central Georgia. Learn where the name Exodus came from and what it takes to be a staple in the photography business. 

GP: How did you get started in your business?

EP: We've always had a love for photography.  However, Exodus Photography was started by my husband, Teddy and I, in 2005 after the birth of our daughter Trinity Exodus (whom the business is named after).

GP: What is the why behind your brand?

EP: The why behind our brand is to show our daughter and other young people that a minority owned business can and will be successful. We saw there was a need and knew that it wasn't going to be given to us, so we created it.

GP: What's unique about your product/service?

EP: We have the largest natural light photography studio and event loft (Exodus Photography/LoftĒ) south of Atlanta and have been able to sustain during this pandemic. We’re truly grateful for the many people we’ve had the opportunity to work with. We consider our work to be Fina Art Photography that you’d want to have displayed on walls in your home or office, in the midst of a digital world. We specialize in maternity, women celebrating life(Black Diamond Experience), and business portraits/personal branding. Aside from those, we also have a community effort called, “Untouchable Society”, where we celebrate young black men ages 5-19 through portraits.
GP: What "not so pretty" obstacles have you faced while on your grind?

EP: The "not so pretty" in business is making sure we stand out and continue to produce fresh content when there are so many other photographers. Educating clients on why they should select us to create memories for them based on our style and not rates alone.

GP: What's a quote or mantra that keeps you going?

EP: We’ve overcome challenges through prayer, focus and simply doing what we have to do to get where we need to be. The one thing that we want everyone to know is, whatever obstacles you face in life, in business, or whatever goals you have, Don’t Give Up! 

GP: Is anything new or specific you'd like to promote? If so, could you provide details?

EP: We want to continue to share our Black Diamond Portraits Experience, Maternity, and Business/Personal Branding Photography. Information for all can be found on our website at and social media platforms.

 Follow Jaé Madison on Instagram @exodusphotographyga

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