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Meet Romance Anastasa of Queendom by Romance

April 30, 2023

Meet Romance Anastasa of Queendom by Romance

 Queendom by Romance is a multi-line, multi-brand luxury lingerie company founded by Romance Anastasa.Queendom was founded in 2015 after noticing that the local area was an “undergarment dry zone”. The nearest department store was over 30 minutes away and the quality of lingerie and intimate apparel was below average.Queendom is black, woman owned and takes pride in creating, styling and curating intimate apparel that fits and feels comfortable on all body types.Aside from providing quality lingerie and intimate apparel, Queendom works hard to ensure that your shopping experience is second to none.

GP: What mistakes have you made as an entrepreneur ? How did you overcome? 

One of my biggest mistakes so far was trying to please everyone. Working hard to please so many people ultimately just made me confused and caused me to lose sight of my vision. Trusting myself and collaborating with a marketing team to find my niche and develop my target audience helped me to overcome this. 

GP: How does your brand represent you as a person? 

Queendom by Romance represents the girl from the southside of Chicago, who had a love for the finer things in life without even knowing or understanding where that love came from. QBR encompasses accessible luxury and allows women of all backgrounds to feel fabulous and completely at home while doing so. My brand is in many ways a love letter to my younger self. 

GP: If you had one wish, what would it be for your business? 

Honestly just for God to continue blessing me. Everything that I have now is 100% because of God. I continue to pray every single day that God keeps his hands on me and I know that all of my hard-work will pay off soon.

GP: How do you grind pretty? 

I am a Nurse by degree that values my education although my brand has nothing to do with healthcare and continues to maintain my license. I am a mother of 2 that is completely involved with the day to day wants/needs of my children and a full time Entrepreneur/Business Owner and Fashion Designer! Oftentimes, I am asked how I do it all and I have no clue LOL I 100% don't look like what I've been through and what I do on a daily basis. If that's not Grinding Pretty, I don't know what is!

GP: How do you deal with fear and doubt? Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer lol I think fear and doubt never really goes away in Entrepreneurship. It has a way of sneaking back around even in your most victorious moments. Staying connected to God helps me to push past those moments.

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