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Mr & Mrs Smith Speed Dating with Relationship Expert Dr. Stacii Jae

December 12, 2023

Mr & Mrs Smith Speed Dating with Relationship Expert Dr. Stacii Jae

Get ready to dive into the world of love and connection with the incredible Dr. Stacii Jae Johnson! A distinguished Spelman College graduate, best-selling author, relationship expert, and renowned women's empowerment public speaker, Dr. Johnson is here to share her invaluable insights on dating and relationships during the peak of "cuffing season." But that's not all – she's hosting a game-changing Mr. & Mrs. Smith-themed speed dating event in Atlanta on December 13, inspired by the highly anticipated Prime Video series set to debut on February 2. With a track record of making waves in national print, radio, online, and television outlets, including Essence, NBC, BET, and more, Dr. Johnson is the go-to guru for relationship advice. Join us as we sit down with this powerhouse to delve into her unique approach of empowering single women, arming them with the tools they need for fulfilling lives before embarking on the journey of love. It's about to get real, insightful, and a whole lot of fun!


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Mimi: You're doing something really cool and fun. Here in Atlanta, a special Mr. And Mrs. Smith Speed Dating. Tell me a little bit about that. 

Dr. Stacii: Oh my gosh when I tell you I'm so excited about this. First of all, this series. Good TV, it's just so good.  So the whole Speed Dating event is themed around Mr. And Mrs. Smith. It's a new series. It's coming out on Prime Video. What I love about Speed Dating is that it's kind of in alignment with the show. You have these two lonely strangers who meet as they get this job at this spy agency. But what happens is they kind of do an arranged marriage situation where they're like husband and wife. So how these two people come together and make this thing work aligns with Speed Dating. You got two strangers learning how to make a connection. Later asking themselves if they want the connection to go further.  And that's what I believe. Mr. And Mrs. Smith. This new amazing series on Prime Video does it. These two people even they say I don't know if I'm giving too much up they say Would not be a person that I would date in real life. 

As a relationship expert, I'm always trying to think of really creative ways to bring people together. And this Mr. And Mrs. Smith speed dating event just seemed like a perfect match for me. 

Mimi: I do have a question for you as it relates to the movie. There are power couples and then those who aspire to become a power couple. What are some key things that you think make a working power couple relationship work?

Dr. Stacii:  Yeah. I think at the end of the day there has to be a level of trust and you'll see that being displayed as you watch the series. My boyfriend came over. We started watching two episodes and he came over the next day. I'm like. Well. Babe. I only have to watch three, he said “we are about to watch the rest”. We sat up and watched all of them together. I think we're an example of a  power couple. We found a way to trust and respect each other.. I didn't push back at him like, no, I got other things to do. I'm like. Well yeah, let's watch the whole thing.  

Mimi: Many successful, career-driven women struggle in the dating area. Could you give us some of your top advice for “Bossing while dating”? 

Dr. Stacii: I would have to say,  (and this is something that Mrs Smith struggles with in the series) understanding that there is a certain energy, a femininity that is not gender-based. But it is something that the polarity has to be there for love to work. Polarity. When I talk about polarity, I'm talking about masculine and feminine energy. Imagine a magnet. If they're two of the same, they repel.  You have to have a healthy balance. Single women who are bossing up in their careers, often try to bring that same energy and dynamic.  If they're wanting to connect with a majority masculine man,  just like a magnet, you have to give off an attractive force and match the right energy. But when you do come together and you want to connect in a way that is meaningful for a majority masculine man, then I would say lean more into that softer part of yourself. 

Rather than you're making deals with your significant other or this perspective date that you might be on.

Mimi: Thank you so much. Dr. Stacii. I look forward to seeing the series and everyone needs to go to the speed dating event you're having here in Atlanta. Tell us again where to go:

Dr. Stacii: Five Church Midtown, 7pm - 10pm est. I’ll be posting about it on my Instagram so be sure to follow me @justdategirl 

Mr. and Mrs Smith premieres Feb 2 on Prime Video so be sure to check it out!

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