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Sebi's Daughter Kellie Bowman In Living Color

October 25, 2023

Sebi's Daughter Kellie Bowman In Living Color

In a world awash with wellness gurus and self-proclaimed health experts, Kellie Bowman stands out as a true beacon of wisdom and vitality. The daughter of the legendary Dr. Sebi, Kellie has carved her path as a Celebrity Wellness Coach and the CEO of Sebi's Daughters, a brand that not only pays homage to her father's legacy but also paves the way for a vibrant, colorful, and holistic approach to living well.

Kellie's journey is one guided by courage, the essence of her father's teachings. Her mission is to spread the message of wellness and balance, transcending the concept of simply being "not sick." For her, wellness is a dynamic, ever-evolving journey of nurturing the body, mind, and soul, with color playing a vital role.

"I'm the CEO of Sebi's Daughters and I created the brand to honor my father's legacy and to make sure that I wanted it to pass on to my children as he passed it on to me," Kellie says.

Kellie's belief in the power of color and its impact on our well-being is truly remarkable. As she delves into the world of wellness, she emphasizes the importance of balance and the role that color plays in maintaining that equilibrium. To her, wellness is not just about the physical body but a holistic approach to life, encompassing our emotions, actions, and even the colors that surround us.

As an entrepreneur, Kellie acknowledges the challenges of finding that delicate balance between success and well-being. She emphasizes the significance of courage in entrepreneurship, as it is the first step in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Being open to new experiences and embracing change is essential, as Kellie has learned on her remarkable journey.

Her father's influence on her is palpable. Kellie fondly remembers him wearing pink, a color that symbolized courage. "Pink for me is not only a solitude color, but it's the color of courage," she explains. Her father's unwavering belief in himself and his mission, despite the odds, became a vivid lesson for her.

Kellie's passion for color therapy is undeniable. She believes that colors have a profound impact on our emotions and well-being. She recalls a time when she lost her connection to color and how it influenced her mood and perception of the world. By deliberately incorporating vibrant colors into her life, Kellie reignited her spirit and found her path.

For Kellie, color therapy is an essential part of her wellness journey. Vibrant colors have the power to uplift our spirits and bring positivity into our lives. As an entrepreneur and mother, she uses color deliberately to combat feelings of sadness and rejuvenate her energy.

Her holistic approach to wellness extends to the concept of the "Celebrities of the Garden." She emphasizes the importance of including a diverse range of colorful fruits and vegetables in our diet. Bell peppers, for instance, offer an array of colors that delight the senses and provide essential nutrients. For Kellie, every color on our plate represents a unique gift from nature, each with its own vibrational energy.

The legacy that Kellie Bowman wants to leave is one of kindness, love, and better well-being. She envisions a world where individuals find their unique journey toward self-love and health. Kellie's ministry is her health journey, and her goal is to make a positive impact on every person she encounters. She believes in the importance of kindness, light, and the vibrational power of colors.

To read the full story check out the full cover story in the October 2023 issue of Grind Pretty Magazine!

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