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September 10, 2021


Self care is the best care. Join us as we speak with  Terran Lewis from Herb’n Eden, as she shares her love for creating holistic bath and body products. 

How do you start your day?
I start my day taking it slow, I stretch and do yoga. Because I make body care products my shower and facial care regimen are staples as well for starting my day.
What’s a book that changed your mind and why?
A book that changed my mind was "The Consumers Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients". This book opened my eyes to harsh ingredients that were in various cosmetic formulations. It also helped me to decipher why I wouldn't use particular ingredients due to their harsh side effects.
What’s a strategy to keep focused?
My strategy to focus is simple, I like to put on some lofi music, or even find a focus playlist on Spotify. Good vibes music really puts me in a good flow.
What did you learn from the worst boss you ever had ?
What I learned from my worst boss, was to treat all my staff fairly and to not put people on unnecessary pedestals.
Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?
My favorite boss, Katie McCormick, actually influenced me the most. She was the general manager of the restaurant I worked at, and her customer service and hospitality would always set a good tone for the customers. She showed me the importance of making customer's feel good. Not only that but she believed in me when I was a challenge myself, told me that she was going to make me the best server ever and I became really good at it.
What inspired you to create Herb’N Eden ?
Community inspired me to create Herb'N Eden. I wanted to learn a skill so that I could be a valuable member to any community that I was apart of. The skill that I learned and changed my life, was soap making. That is the foundation of Herb'N Eden and creating other complimentary products flowed from there

How do you balance being a wife and an entrepreneur while working with your husband ?
It's been tough to balance both, but for my sanity I had to figure it out. My husband does a lot of operations with the business and I trust his entrepreneurial expertise when it comes to the business. Plus we define our roles within the business, so we allow each other to be the authority in our respective areas. As far as being a wife, I am the balance to my husband who is so business minded. It's important to me to carve out our home space and make it comfortable to enjoy when we are not working. We don't have any kids yet, so we have a lot of time to focus on each other as well.
What’s the best business advice that you ever received ?
Best business advice I ever received, was to learn to delegate task/what I need. As my business has scaled, I can't do everything. Having a team of people to help do all of the things I used to do has lifted a big weight from my shoulders. Having extra hands, makes everything flow a lot smoother, reduces my stress, and I can focus on developing the brand and products.
Is there an app or tool you use in a surprising way to get things done or stay on track ?
I'm pretty basic when it comes to apps. I just use notes, to jot down ideas and formulas. Google sheets also helps for creating spreadsheets.
What does work-life balance mean to you ?
Work-life balance is so vital to me, the first thing that comes to mind is boundaries. I set boundaries between the two, because for years my home was where I worked and the work can spill over and take over. Having separation of the two, allows me to leave work where it is at especially since my husband and I work together.
When you’re faced with a creativity block, what’s your strategy to get  back inspired ?
When facing a creativity block going to Pinterest and reading books on skincare gives me a ton of inspiration.
What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is " AIn't nothin to it, but to do it"
How do you Grind Pretty ?
I grind pretty by staying in my lane and constantly working on myself and my craft. Being a light unto myself.
For more info head over to:
IG : @Herbneden

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