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May 16, 2022 1 min read

Investing in your wardrobe, showing up fashionably inspiring and growing your business can be costly. What if we told you there were resources and people who can help you sort out your attire woes but on a budget. Meet Josephine Jackson, Founder of the Noodle Budget, a group of advocates and strategists that thrive on sharing their expertise and knowledge on shopping on a budget.
Check out Josephine's interview below. 
GP: How did you get started?
TNB:  I was going into a thrift store and saw a homeless man, came out with clothes for him and been doing it ever since.
GP:  What is your why?
TNB:There are so many hurting people that need my services; employment, food, clothing, shelter, and an overall sense of purpose.
GP:  What's unique about your product/service?
TNB:I help those in need get back on their feet with image consulting and employment/housing assistance.
GP: Quote or mantra that keeps you going?
TNB:  Live your best life on a Noodle Budget!
GP:  Anything new or specific you'd like to promote? If so, could you provide details.
TNB: I’m starting a series on how yo look fashionable on a budget. I can create an entire upscale outfit for under $10! 
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