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September 13, 2021 3 min read

Learn how Sharde Williams balances a demanding career as a RN, while building an empire.

 shardae williams


As an RN by day & owner of Boujee Bodies by night, how do keep yourself energized ?

I no longer work fulltime as Nurse but I do take short contracts from time to time as I see fit. I am thankful to have a team to keep things going at any time that I may have to leave. This is a breath of fresh air for me because the business does not have to stop just because I may be absent. So the energy is always there because I'm doing what I love from all aspects!

What advice would you give wives & mother’s on how to balance entrepreneurship & motherhood and your personal life?

When the workday is complete, don’t bring the extra work home. Save it for the next workday. It is ok to say no to things and to not participate in all events. If you have small kids, remember that they want you and don't care about any fancy clothes or toys that you buy. That stuff is nice but they will only remember those times that you were present. Dedicate a date night once a week to your spouse. What's the point of working so much that you don't even get a chance to enjoy each other. Life is short! Enjoy each other while you both have LIFE!

How did Boujee Bodies first come about? And what sparked your interest to work in this field?

Boujee Bodies came about originally as I began to search for a hobby. All I knew was nursing, which I loved but I wanted something more to do other than bedside nursing. One day while on Instagram, I came across an advertisement from a company that I had been following after seeing them featured on "Housewives of Atlanta." The name of the company was called "Starr Stage." They were offering training for a service called the Vacuum Assisted Buttocks Enhancement. I took the training in March of 2017 and I opened my doors for my very first client on May 1, 2017. From there, I began to add more services that I felt would be beneficial from not just a beauty aspect but overall wellness.

In your professional opinion, what are the top 2 services to try and why?

1. The NonInvasive Lipo is a service that everyone loves. It helps to decrease fat and alsoassists with tightening and toning the skin using sound waves and radio frequency. The fat comes out through the bodies' natural process of removing waste.

2. The Fat Freezing Body Ice service is an inhouse product that we make that assistswith freezing fat without the use of machines. Yes, the product is what it says it is and it is very cold but it is very effective and leaves you feeling very refreshed and toned.

What is your favorite part about running your company?

My favorite part about running my company is that it's mine. It's something that NO one can take from me. I am the secret sauce that holds it all together. I love being able to make the environment fun and inviting for my team and the clients. It's an experience that you can't get from anywhere with amazing results!

What’s next for Boujee Bodies?

We have a new product that is being formulated for the beauty industry and I will be the FirstBlack Nurse with a product of this kind. This product will be released before the end of the year and it is something that we will all appreciate.

We have a second location in Northpark Mall in Ridgeland, Ms that will be opening very soon.

And lastly, we have something special that we are working on for the postpartum communities in the South. This will be available nationwide but we are first starting with our home state in Mississippi. More info on this will be released as we get closer to completion.

What does it mean to Grind Pretty?

To "Grind Pretty" is to go hard for the goals that you are trying to achieve, not using any excuses as to why you can't get it done, and looking good while doing it. Never look like what you're going through. Always do it with style and grace!


IG: @boujeebodies


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