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Travel Like a Boss: Africa Miranda & Hitha Palepu

August 08, 2022

Travel Like a Boss: Africa Miranda & Hitha Palepu

Often we get so caught up in our daily grind to meet our goals that we forget about the importance and perks of a little rest and relaxation. It can seem like more work to even plan a vacation. So to help you get started on your next getaway, we've got the inside scoop from a couple of our favorite travel influencers.

Hitha Palepu's  Bio:

While I honed my packing prowess running business development at SciDose, I’ve been traveling my entire life. I got my first passport stamp at 6 months old, was potty-trained on a India >> USA flight, and have been packing my own bag before I could ride a two-wheeled bike.

It hasn’t gotten old yet. I suspect it never will. After all, I still have Antarctica to hit up.

These days, I’m settled in New York City with my husband and my baby son Rho. I’ve swapped the pharmaceutical industry to co-foundBridge2Act, and am an investor and mentor to women-led companies. And, of course, updating this website of mine.

I love my food spicy, my tea hot, my television and movies nerdy (major Trekkie over here), my books (anything in the written word, really), and my Philadelphia Eagles winning.

Instagram: @hithapalepu


Africa Miranda Bio:

A dynamic speaker, host and spokesmodel, with distinctive style and quick wit, Africa Miranda won the hearts of many across the US, and around the globe, as the breakout star of Bravo TV’s “The New Atlanta.” 

Her unique personal style, sparkling personality, and glorious, attention-grabbing mane, have made Africa an in-demand beauty expert and event host. Whether she is visiting exotic locales (#africasadventures), representing major brands, or sharing her take on hair trends and celebrity style, Africa brings her brand of accessible glamour to any setting. A sought after travel and lifestyle influencer, Africa was recently featured in Vanity Fair as one of the VF500 tastemakers to watch and has also been part of major campaigns for Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Revlon, and Kia Motors.  A rising star in the digital media world, she was a Shorty Award Finalist  for “Periscoper of the Year,” host of the inaugural Periscope Summit, a keynote speaker at Summit Live, and is a regular podcast guest and panelist for various entertainment and tech platforms, marrying her knowledge of pop culture with her considerable tech savvy.  Africa can now add “beautypreneur” to her list of growing accomplishments. Her newly launched beauty and lifestyle brandbeauty by Africa Miranda,marries her love of travel and her extensive beauty industry experience. Her first two offerings, the Facial Elixir and Luminous Body Mist, have garnered rave reviews and are fast becoming cult beauty favorites. 

Instagram: @africamiranda


GP: Why is it important to take vacations as a GirlBoss?

Hitha: For as hard as we work, we also need to take the moments to recharge. Whether it's a weekend away or two weeks exploring a new country, it's about taking the time to unplug and truly disconnect so we can return sharper than ever.


GP: How often should a Girl Boss take a vacation within a year?

Africa:At least twice a year. Also remember a vacation doesn’t have to always be international. There are great get always that are only a couple hours drive away.


GP: How far in advance should a Girl Boss begin planning a trip?

Africa: It’s hard to plan when you’re an entrepreneur. Sometimes you just have to jump when the opportunity comes to take a break.

Hitha: I like to start planning my next trip when I'm on my current trip. While my husband and I were in Stockholm, we began planning a family vacation to London and even booked our tickets


GP: What is the number one travel tip for Girl Bosses?

Africa: Unplug! If you’re still attached to your phone or laptop then you’re not truly on vacation. If you can’t afford to go totally off the grid, limit your digital time to 1 hour a day.

Hitha: Always write a packing list a week before your actual trip, and do a little bit of packing every night leading up to it.


GP:What are some must have items for every trip?

Africa: My Beauty by Africa Miranda Facial Elixir & Luminous Body Mist, Harman Kardon noise cancelling headphones, and a bikini!

Hitha: A steamer (I can't iron to save my life), my Kindle, and a pair of noise cancelling headphones.


GP: Where was your favorite trip so far?

Africa: Ahh so many! Of 2018 I will say my recent trip to Seoul, S Korea. Fascinating culture, wonderful people and SO much beauty inspiration!

Hitha: Every trip is special in its own way. But our family trip to Hawaii, my husband's and my 3 weeks in Asia, and my three trips to Russia definitely stand out in my mind.



Beauty by Africa Miranda Facial Elixir(right) & Luminous Body Mist(left)



Harman Kardon IE NC Details 



Active, noise-cancelling, in-ear headphones with microphone


HItha Palepu Photos

Photo credit:Conie in Tulum for Flytographer


Handheld Steamer


Passport Covers



The image below is a product specifically from amazon for $24.


Girl’s Trip Hot Spots


The hardest yet most exciting part about planning a vacation is choosing the destination! But let's be honest where we end up going comes down to our budget. We have got you covered with three amazing destinations in various price ranges to give you some options as you begin planning your next vacay!



The average flight to Cuba is about $400-500 depending on what area of cuba you are traveling to. The average daily costs per person traveling in Cuba is $17. Cuba has many beaches, islands, historic sites and museums to keep you busy during your trip



While Mexico is slightly more expensive than Cuba it is not too far fetched and with the right planning is manageable for most budgets. The average flight to Mexico is about $600-700 depending on what area of Mexico you are traveling to. The average daily costs per person traveling in mexico is about $44. If you love beaches, hiking to historic landmarks and ziplining through forests then Mexico is the vacation for you!




The average flight to Greece is definitely on the higher end ranging around $2000-3000 depending on what area of Greece you are traveling to. The average daily costs for a person traveling in Greece is about $125 including food and hotel stay. While in Greece you will get a one of a kind experience exploring Classical Greece, relaxing on the many beaches and soaking up as much sun & views as possible!


Each of this places will make an awesome get away, but they also will leave you unique experiences!

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