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GLAM ON THE GRAM – 7 Day Strategy to Grow Your Business on Instagram

Let's face it, the current algorithm of Instagram is quite frustrating for many entrepreneurs, yet it's one of the top marketing vehicles for e-commerce. Many entrepreneurs do not possess a large budget for advertising on Instagram, which seems to be the trend that Instagram wants them to take in order to get their posts seen more quickly. An abundance of business owners are not seeing results from their posts and don't really know where to start. Beauty entrepreneur and celebrity makeup artist Mimi J., wrote this book to help alleviate this problem for other entrepreneurs. Mimi shares insight on what has worked for her in organically growing three of her business Instagram accounts to have a following of over 10,000 followers. She breaks down practical ways to grow a beauty business by using Instagram without breaking the bank.

Download a copy of “Glam on The Gram” which provides a 7-day strategy, aimed to help entrepreneurs within the beauty industry to book more clients, gain more followers, see more audience engagement, and grow their business on Instagram.

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