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XONecole's Made for Me: Wellness Retreat Featuring Meagan Good

April 11, 2022

XONecole's Made for Me: Wellness Retreat Featuring Meagan Good

What a great way to start off the Spring season. On behalf of Grind Pretty, I had the pleasure to attend XONecole's and Toyota's " Made for Me: Wellness Retreat this past weekend. This was a two day event, hosted by Gia Peppers with keynote speaker Meagan Good. The event was filled with yoga sessions, complementary lunch, fully loaded gift bags, curated meditations and so much more. 

This event gave the best vibes and how- to's on resetting yourself.  Main Character Energy was the theme of this event, and the topics, speakers and food did not disappoint.

First I entered the event choosing which pathway you want to take. The three choices were Love, Purpose, and Abundance. I chose Abundance: How to develop gratitude for what you have while manifesting what feels just right. Of course the speakers were dope, and had so many gems to drop. First stop, I experienced an abundance flow and meditation with Dr. Nicole Garner-Scott.  I did a restore yoga flow, which is a lot of stretching and really giving your body the patience to wake up for the day. This session helped us remember we are enough and our bodies deserve a great stretch. 

After Yoga, I then dived into some great food. The choices were hard to choose from because everything looked good. I was served lunch food truck style, which was so fitting to enjoy the nice weather outside. Event-goers had a choice to try The Blaxican, which the truck name kinds speaks for itself. It's soul food and Mexican food infused all in one plate. Or you could do the Sunshine Alchemy, where street food and healthy eating met and had baby. I choose Sunshine Alchemy and tried their Homemade BBQ Jackfruit Nachos. Let's just say after lunch we needed a nice cup of coffee to even out how well everything tasted. 

I then moved into my second session with "Money chasing us, and we don't chase back." I experienced a fireside chat with Dani Simone, The Mystic Model, who took us into a deep dive of understanding how to read and learn our birth charts. She explained to us why certain things may or may not workout according to the season we are in. I learned what Venus Moon was saying for my astrology sign. Imagine just sitting there and someone breaks down exactly why you are such a perfectionist!

Next we took a stroll down happy lane with Dr. Aldrun Tartt, who is a Christian Psychologist. Dr. Tartt helped us realize how we don't give ourselves enough grace. His session questioned how we are truly our happy selves but can't realize it because of the big C word. COMPARISON. He gave us tips on ways to truly appreciate what we have in life. It all comes down to creating habits that aligns with the type of life you want. Instead of trying to change a million things at one time, start with one or two and a change would actually happen. 


Lastly, Ms. Meagan Good gave us the run down on how to bounce back from rejection. We are all sitting in awe to be learning from someone we all grew up watching as a kid. Meagan stated that a lot of times you so hurt and thrown off because we try to make things happen on our own. We are now in the days of Social Media and it will make you feel like you are't doing things correctly. She truly believes it is all about alignment and from there really watch your confidence grow. We all have a purpose in life, and we should remember that true purpose.


We are all good enough, just remember there is no one like you. Choose you, no matter what. 

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