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Meet Tiana Littlejohn of Black Female Owned, LLC

April 30, 2023

Meet Tiana Littlejohn of Black Female Owned, LLC

Black Female Owned, LLC is a lifestyle brand and movement that celebrates black ownership through self-encouraging apparel and special branded products. 

The company was founded by U.S. Army Veteran Tiana Littlejohn in 2018. At the time, Tiana worked full-time for the Cleveland County Department of Social Services and fulfilled her duties as a Religious Affairs NCO for the North Carolina Army National Guard.

She strongly felt that her combined experience of service as a military woman and civilian were preparing her to serve as an entrepreneur. Black Female Owned also creatively stands for "Building Future Opportunities," which the company adopted as its' official slogan. In 2019, Tiana awarded her first self-funded business grant to The Black Light Foundation, a black female owned non-profit organization out of Miami, FL dedicated to providing resources for mental health and wellness. She's also collaborated with numerous black female entrepreneurs in support of their brands. Although the company initially focused on providing self-encouraging apparel for black female entrepreneurs, the demand and vision has grown to include men's apparel, home and living products, a branded coffee collection and more. 

Tiana received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University and her Master of Business Administration from Columbia Southern University and continues to educate herself on her craft. By building her own future, Tiana believes that Black Female Owned will create life-changing opportunities and continue to thrive.  


GP: For those who don’t know about your business, can you tell us more about Black Female Owned ?  

I started Black Female Owned in 2018 and I Initially started it as an empowerment brand for Black Female entrepreneurs. So I sell merch that says Black Female CEO or Black Female Owner on it. That was my start in what I really wanted to do but then while praying on it more and following gods vision, I started added other things. I have my signature line of coffee, I also sell candles, mens apparel and accessories and started putting my logo on there too. I’d say its a brand and a movement that represents black ownership with emphasis on the black female. We’ve endured so much just to be able to have ownership and that’s why the highlight of my brand is the Black Female CEO. 

GP: How long have u been in business & what caused you to start such an uplifting brand ? 

I was in the military for six years and I ended up deploying and while in the military I was a chapel assistant, so my job in the military was to provide moral support and uplift others. As soldiers we went through so much and I prayed on how I can incorporate that in a business and I didn’t want to have to be in that environment to make great money. It kind of just came to me while I was deployed overseas and at first I was going to start with lashes and call it “BFO Lashes” and the Black Female Owned part just stuck with me. I just want women or men that wear my brand to know that its possible and you can do this! If god put it in your heart, if he gave you a vision then its possible. So it pretty much just came from always being in positions of service. I also worked for the department of social services for a few years, so I wanted to figure out how I can serve as an entrepreneur and this is my way of doing that. 

GP: When did you decide to expand your brand & why ?

Really just my love for those things. Ive always loved coffee! So once I learned that I can get into that and make my own brand of coffee I was ready to do it. As far as expanding into mens apparel, it was customers asking if I sold clothing for men and it made me want to start working on that. A lot of people think that because of the name that I only sell things for black females but that’s not the case. 

GP: What else does BFO stand for ?  

My slogan is “Building Future Opportunities” when I first started I actually award a grant to a Black female owned nonprofit organization in Florida. It was only for $400 that I just gave out of my pocket but that’s also a part of what I want to do, pour back into other business and be able to do more grants.

GP: How important is your support system to you & your business ? 

God is most important, I feel that its him guiding me and this is my purpose. My support system is very important to me, if you don't have someone that you can call on I feel sorry for them because you always need that support. My best friend of 11 years will be at the Grind Pretty Fest event with me- she is with me every single time. My mom, my family are always wearing my brand and donate. My support system is great!

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