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Milan Harris Marks her 10-Year Fashion Empire Anniversary

November 14, 2022

Milan Harris Marks her 10-Year Fashion Empire Anniversary

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What started as two t-shirts has turned into one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands appeasing to women, men, and kids. Founder, Milan Harris, is a popular Philly native through and through turning her dreams into reality. This year marked Milano’s 10-year business anniversary, and Grind Pretty was just as elated to help celebrate such a huge accomplishment right in our home city of Atlanta, Ga.

This past weekend kicked off with Milano’s annual fashion experience consisting of photo ops, tasty cocktails, exclusive discounted shopping, and of course FASHION. Milano’s runway looks showcased their signature varsity jacket available in several colors, cargo tailoring, a never-before-seen floral collection
and so much more. If that wasn’t enough, we caught some popular faces down the runway including the McClure Twins, Rich Homie Quan, and Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr, and viral ballerina Jewel Ellis. The following night, Harris hosted a sophisticated black-tie gala bringing together her team, supporters, and friends for a special social occasion. The room was filled with laughter and dancing the entire night, and an impromptu performance by Rich Homie Quan. In true Milano fashion, guests were dressed to impress also sharing throughout the night their respect and appreciation along the 10 years of Milano’s reign.

“If I can do it, you can too. Everyone doesn’t have to be an entrepreneur, but whatever that dream is you have-chase it” remarks Harris. It’s true -Dreams start as an imaginative thought until you decide to make it something more. No matter
where or how you start, the goal is to keep running even when hurdles get in your way. It’s about making your own mark and staying true to you! Harris is the epitome of grinding pretty in her own fashionable way, and we were honored to witness greatness in the making. The dream continues.

For more on our recap of the fashion experience, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Written by Taylar Broadnax , photos credits @Stephonx_ of Stephon X photography

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