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MYAVANA Announces Expansion in Africa and New Partnerships at it‘s Inaugural Techturized Beauty Summit

June 23, 2024

MYAVANA Announces Expansion in Africa and New Partnerships at it‘s Inaugural Techturized Beauty Summit

On Saturday, June 15th, the Georgia Tech Klaus Computing Building came alive with the vibrant energy of innovation, legacy, and empowerment. The inaugural Techturized Beauty Tech Summit, hosted by MYAVANA, marked a significant milestone in the company's journey. Celebrating its 12th anniversary, MYAVANA brought together industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and beauty aficionados to honor Black women-led businesses and the transformative power of technology in the beauty industry.

A Full Circle Moment for MYAVANA

For Candace V. Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of MYAVANA, the event was more than just a summit; it was a full circle moment. Held in the same building where she once took classes as a student at Georgia Tech, the summit underscored the growth and impact of MYAVANA in the beauty tech space. From its roots in personalized hair care technology to becoming a beacon of innovation, MYAVANA’s journey is a testament to the power of vision and perseverance.

The day began with an opening prayer by Apostle Andrea Ward, setting a tone of inspiration and purpose. Welcoming remarks from Donnie Beamer, Senior Technology Advisor for the City of Atlanta, and Merrick Furst from Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, celebrated the collaborative spirit of the event.

Candace V. Mitchell took the stage to introduce MYAVANA’s suite of personalized hair care technology products, including HairSI, HairAI, HairRI, HairCI, HairScopes & Pro+ Software, the HairJourney App & Platform, and the Virtual HairQuarters. The announcement of MYAVANA TV, a new media series, further highlighted the company’s commitment to expanding its reach and impact.

Two major announcements stole the spotlight at the summit:

1. GlamTrack Launch: Mimi Johnson, CEO of Grind Pretty, unveiled her new app, GlamTrack. Powered by MYAVANA, this innovative app is geared towards makeup artists and consumers who get their makeup professionally done. GlamTrack promises to revolutionize the makeup industry by providing a seamless platform for tracking makeup services and enhancing client-artist relationships. [Follow GlamTrack on Instagram] for the latest updates.

2. MYAVANA Uganda Store Opening: MYAVANA proudly announced the opening of its first international retail distribution channel in Uganda. The MYAVANA Uganda store is tailored to meet the unique hair care needs of consumers across the globe. It offers in-store shopping, cutting-edge virtual consultations, HairAI analysis, personalized product recommendations, and a wealth of hair care education resources. This expansion represents a significant step in MYAVANA’s global journey, bringing innovative hair care solutions to new markets.

The summit featured significant partnership announcements. Agustina Sartorini, Sr. Director of Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty, delivered a virtual greeting, followed by the exciting news of MYAVANA’s partnership with P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful at ESSENCE Fest 2024. Upcoming collaborations with Glamsquad, PCA Group, Vagaro, and SEPHORA were also unveiled, emphasizing MYAVANA's expanding influence in the beauty industry.

Robin D. Groover, Chief Hair Officer and Head of Research & Development at Too Groovy, shared her journey from cosmetologist to AI techpreneur. Her session highlighted the importance of research and development in setting standards for healthy hair care products. The announcement of the MYAVANA Health & Wellness Council aimed at positively impacting Black women’s health was a standout moment.

Melissa Hibbert, President of Braintrust Founders Studio, discussed MYAVANA’s initiative to transform Black-owned beauty supply stores through retail technology. The launch of the Retail Innovation Academy, in partnership with BOBSA, promises to empower Black beauty entrepreneurs. La’Kerri Jackson from UPS Global Social Impact & Economic Empowerment announced MYAVANA’s expansion to Africa, with a new store opening in Uganda.

The summit also explored new beauty and fashion tech experiences, with Claire Sulmers, Founder & CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily, and Mimi Johnson, Founder & CEO of The Glamatory & Grind Pretty, leading dynamic discussions.

Tanisha Billups, Chief Research Analyst, and Allie Tsahey from Baddies In Tech introduced the Beauty Technology Fellowship Program aimed at training Black women in STEM. The partnership with Memik on an AR Technology Summer Camp showcased MYAVANA’s dedication to creating new career pathways in beauty tech.

The day concluded with live business pitches from The Mint by Richualist, Swivel Beauty, and Brownce, celebrating Black women leading in beauty technology. The Happy Hour and Taste of Texture Hair Party, featuring a live podcast with actresses Gail Bean and Serayah, and Paige Skyler, provided a perfect end to an inspiring day.

The Techturized Beauty Tech Summit was more than just an event; it was a celebration of MYAVANA's journey, the incredible achievements of Black women in tech, and the promising future of the beauty industry. As MYAVANA continues to innovate and expand, this summit marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its mission to revolutionize hair care through technology.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey and stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations from MYAVANA!

For more information and to stay updated on future events, visit MYAVANA's official website

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