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She Grinds Pretty: Meet Mallorie Denmon

July 19, 2022

She Grinds Pretty: Meet Mallorie Denmon

We sat down with Mallorie Denmon, a realtor in Kansas City, Missouri and owner of Picturesque Properties, LLC. She is affiliated with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate - Kansas City Homes, one of the top brokerage firms in the region. 

Check out how Mallorie Grinds Pretty!


GP: How did you get started in your business? 

MD: During the pandemic, I was furloughed from my “main” job. For many years I had an interest in pursuing real estate but made excuses instead of making time.  In the summer of 2020…I had all the time and no more excuses.   


GP: What is the why behind your brand? 


MD: The “why” behind my brand is to provide an exceptional agency experience.  For some, taking a step towards owning their first home, their next home, or seeking investment opportunities is a major decision.  With my experience in relationship building, business, and as a real-life “cheerleader” my why is to ensure that my clients, regardless of their current life chapter, have all the tools and information they need to make decisions with ease and confidence. 


GP: What's unique about your product/service? 

MD: My combination and layers of experience is what make Picturesque Properties unique. 


GP: What "Not so pretty" obstacles have you faced while on your grind? 


MD: The late-night study sessions, my website not going live as expected, tough conversations with clients, rookie oversights or “mistakes”, and property showings that were far from the glamorous tours we see on Netflix.   


GP: What's a quote or mantra that keeps you going? 


MD: “Key to life keep a bag comin’…Every night another bag comin’” – Jay Z,I Got the Keys 

“Happiness…is an inside job.”

GP: Is anything new or specific you'd like to promote? If so, could you provide details? 


MD: I have been featured on my Broker’s national podcast, giving more insight on my journey as well as sharing thoughts on making a pivot into entrepreneurship or a career change.  You can listen to the podcast or read the summary here.  


Mallorie's Website

Follow Mallorie Denmon on @picturesqueproperties (IG)

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