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Egypt Sherrod - Building A Real Estate & Media Empire With Commitment to Faith & Family

December 13, 2023

Egypt Sherrod - Building A Real Estate & Media Empire With Commitment to Faith & Family


In the world of real estate, television, and entrepreneurship, Egypt Sherrod stands as a beacon of resilience, empowerment, and unwavering determination. In this special holiday issue, we sat down with the multi-talented executive, TV host, and serial entrepreneur to delve into her extraordinary journey from radio to becoming the driving force behind the success of HGTV's "Married to Real Estate."

"I was a radio host, making $19,000 a year in New York City!I  didn't  know  how  green  I  was.  I  was  suffering . I  was  below  poverty  level  but  it  was  my  passion  and  something  that  I  loved.  Now,  when  I  look  back,  it  was  part  of  the  process  and  part  of  my  growth" Egypt reveals, showcasing the grit behind her glamorous rise.

Egypt Sherrod's story is nothing short of a modern-day success saga. Starting her career in the radio industry, she quickly captivated audiences with her charisma and engaging personality. Even interviewing legends like Prince and Oprah!  However, it was her pivot to real estate that marked the beginning of a remarkable chapter in her life.

"I had such a love for the process of real estate, the potential for what it could do for my life, how many people I could teach to do the same thing," Egypt reflects. Her passion led her to become a real estate agent, achieving the prestigious title of rookie of the year and subsequently becoming a broker.

Once Egypt realized her passion for real estate, she became very strategic about how she would make a name for herself in that particular industry. "I  got  really  smart  and  said,  "I  am  going  to  go  back  to  radio.  Even  though  I  got  fired,  I'm  going  to  go  back and  I'm  going  to  use  that  free  publicity  for  my  business.  They're  going  to  pay  me,  and  I'm  going  to  be  talking  about  real  estate".  A smart move indeed. Egypt began sharing stories of tenants mishaps and real estate tips which ultimately led her to landing her first TV show “Property Virgins” on HGTV! 

As the executive producer and TV host of HGTV's hit show "Married to Real Estate," Egypt Sherrod has not only showcased her expertise in the field but has also become a trusted voice in the realm of home buying and selling. Through candid interviews, engaging narratives, and a touch of her trademark charm, she navigates the complexities of real estate, making the process accessible to audiences worldwide.

Beyond the glitz of the entertainment industry, Egypt Sherrod is the mastermind behind Egypt Sherrod Enterprises and the Indigo Road family of companies. As a serial entrepreneur, she has successfully diversified her portfolio, leaving an indelible mark in various sectors. From real estate ventures to media production, her commitment to excellence has set a standard for aspiring entrepreneurs.

To read the full story grab a copy of our magazine issue!

Check out the full video interview of Egypt on our Youtube Channel and follow Egypt on Instagram @EgyptSherrod 


Writer/Creative Director: Mimi Johnson

Photographer Drea Nicole

Hair Stylist: Nikk Nelson

Makeup Artist: Raya Johnson

Wardrobe: Quintin Lamarr

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