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Honk For Jesus: Twin Sisters Fulfill A Dream with First Feature Film

August 30, 2022

Honk For Jesus: Twin Sisters Fulfill A Dream with First Feature Film

This past Sunday, we were invited to a special Sunday Brunch featuring a conversation with ‘Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul’ starRegina Hall, writer/director,Adamma Eboand producer,Adanne Ebo. I was not only happy to hear that there were women of color making this film happen, but they are also HBCU grads and barely in their 30s! Come on black girl magic!

The chat was moderated by iOne Digital’s Senior Content Director, Pop Culture,Janee Bolden. Regina talked about her experience working with the twins and with her co-star Sterling K. Brown. I loved the way that the twins manifested getting Regina as the star of this movie. "When presenting the script, I said that I wanted a "Regina Hall type" casted as the lead. Through my network we got the script to her. Thats how it happened!" said Adamma. The saying "your network is your net worth" is so true! The twins also shared their experience as young Black women in Hollywood -their love for their hometown of Atlanta and why it was the perfect setting for their first feature film ‘Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.’

Notable attendees included:Devale Ellis(BET’s ‘Sistas’ and ‘Zatima’),Crystal Renee Hayslett (BET’s ‘Sistas’ and ‘Zatima’),Khadeen Ellis (Dead Ass Podcast),B Simone(‘Wild ‘n Out’ and Know For Sure podcast),J Carter (Founder, One Music Fest)Lynae Bogues(Content Creator, ‘Parking Lot Pimpin’/ ‘The Let Out’),Corey Arvinger (Founder, Support Black Colleges),Shari Welton(Co-host, The Willie Moore, Jr. Show), Mimi Johnson (Founder of Grind Pretty), Mattie James(author, Everyday MAGIC),Dayna Bolden(Content Creator), Janee Bolden (Sr Content Dir, Bossip) and more. 

ABOUTHonk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

As the proud first lady of a Southern Baptist megachurch, Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall) carries immense responsibility on  her shoulders. Her church, Wander To Greater Paths, once served a congregation in the tens of thousands,  but after a scandal involving her husband, Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown) , forced the church to close temporarily,  Trinitie is struggling to manage the aftermath. Now Trinitie and Lee-Curtis must rebuild their congregation  and reconcile their faith by all means necessary to make the biggest comeback that commodified religion  has ever seen. Partially shot in faux-documentary style, this lively satire on for-profit religion explores  both the on-camera desperation in image rebranding and the hard truths that fester behind the scenes. 


Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. is in theaters and on Peacock on September 2nd. Check out the trailerhere



Crystal Renee Hayslett, Regina Hall, Devale Ellis, Khadeen Ellis (left to right)

Devale Ellis and Crystal Renee Hayslett
B. Simone
Lynae Bogues 
Mimi Johnson
J and Amika Carter
Dayna Bolden 
Mattie James

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