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How to Prepare for Grind Pretty Fest Pitch Competition

March 10, 2023

How to Prepare for Grind Pretty Fest Pitch Competition

Every year during Grind Pretty we host a pitch competition for ambitious women founders to win grant money for their business! Last year we were able to award $10k to our participants thanks to our amazing sponsors. Historically, pitch competitions are an outlet for startups to present their business to an audience in hopes of winning cash prizes or investment capital. They are a great way to connect with mentors and help your company grow to new levels because let’s be honest- every entrepreneur could use business funding to their advantage. 

 Here are the requirements:

  • attend in-person or virtually to be considered 
  • must have an Instagram account (personal or business)
  • prepare an elevator pitch
  • create a promotional video during Grind Pretty Fest 

 What’s an elevator pitch you ask?

A brief professional presentation (usually 30-90 seconds) that helps investors and/or clients understand more about your business goals, strategies, products and services. A compelling pitch should have an introduction of yourself, at least two key points regarding your business, and be persuasive with the ability to connect with your audience.

One tip we recommend is to practice what you want to say. So if that means developing a script, then go for it! A pitch competition isn’t something you want to be unprepared for. We suggest you deliver your pitch to a friend, mentor, or another business owner to get feedback and ensure that your message is clear. Lastly, be memorable! Take a look at our previous 2022 winners: 


Cover image credit: @therealkphotoz

Written by Taylar Broadnax 

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