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Jayda Cheaves: Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

January 10, 2023

Jayda Cheaves: Beyond Her Wildest Dreams



Jayda Cheaves is a self-made entrepreneur, influencer, businesswoman, and mother. She’s made her mark on the world with her unique style, tenacity, and ambition. Among many other things the internet star spent a day with us discussing her journey from being a teenage fashionista to a multi-millionaire mogul and discussing the whimsical life she’s always dreamed of.

Jayda Cheaves Grind pretty

What was scheduled as just a photoshoot, turned into a whirlwind day of social content for our cover girl. Hours before the shoot Jayda began vlogging her busy day and like any other staged photo op, glam was essential. Jayda appeared on set running a tad late with hair already in place strutting a chic soft updo styled by Christopher Kyle. We watched her gracefully sashay straight to the makeup chair making sure to greet everyone in the room with her bubbly persona. According to Kyle, she opted to remove her wig days before in hopes to go for a natural look which was fitting for the mood board which displayed dreamy tones, fine-tuned flirtatious poses, and glitzy accessories and props. Makeup was in full swing and in truth, she was in her element seated in front of the glaring vanity naturally chit chatting with the lens.

Jayda Cheaves Grind pretty

Born and raised in Savannah, a south-coastal Georgia city, Jayda has a southern charm about her. Letting fashion be her outlet even as a teenage girl, she’d dress up her school uniform adding accessories and sporting the latest sneakers standing out among her classmates. “I always used to tell my mom I wanted to be famous,” Jayda blushes. “And it’s so crazy how she always tells me now (like) you wanted this life… Everything else just came after. The business, the appearance, and me being who I am with the world watching.”

Jayda Cheaves Grind pretty

On set, Jayda is all dolled-up after her makeup slot; literally giving y2k Bratz doll vibes. You can tell she loves getting dressed, being sure to give her own input with Leah Taylor, the wardrobe stylist for our shoot. But you can’t blame her, she does have an amazing sense of style. “I try to do the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing. If everybody is wearing skinny jeans, I’m going to wear the biggest jeans that are falling off my hips.” she giggles. With the vibes set and Drea Nicole behind the lens, Jayda was now camera ready and in work-mode – grinding pretty if you will.

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Jayda Cheaves Grind pretty

Photographer Drea Nicole

Creative Director Mimi Johnson

Wardrobe Stylist Leah Taylor

Makeup Artist Timothy Clark

Hair Stylist Christopher Kyle

Writer Taylar Broadnax

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