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Rihanna Rocks the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Special Guest Debut!

February 13, 2023

rihanna superbowl performance

Rihanna’s set list may have been one of the most anticipated reveals of 2023’s Super Bowl night. 

Sports fans and non-sports fans alike gathered around their TVs to watch the Barbadian singer carryout the contents of her set list — a list that, according to the New York Post, changed 39 times. 

Still, what wasn’t anticipated was the biggest unveiling of the night: Rihanna’s second pregnancy.

Following her Super Bowl halftime show, a representative for Rihanna confirmed her pregnancy to The Hollywood Reporter. 

At show open, red fabric stretched over the singer’s body as her hand gently glided over the whole of her stomach. 

“Yayo, Yayo.  Mula-la. Yayo.” 

The crowd erupts while choreographers dressed in all white dance mid air to “B—-ch Better Have My Money”.; Some viewers are screaming lyrics, while others are frozen in thought as they examine what seems to be a prelude to the future of Team Fenty.

rihanna fenty halftime superbowl

When Rihanna shared with The Hollywood Reporter that motherhood encouraged her to perform for the first time in seven years, we had no idea just how much of an integral part motherhood would play into last night's performance.

Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, welcomed their first baby in May of 2022. Rocky was seen happily filming and supporting the mommy-to-be from the field Sunday night.


According to, this pregnancy announcement comes just 3 weeks after the singer filed a trademark for the reported brand name “Fenty Kids”.

Hits performed throughout the night included “Umbrella”, “Pour It Up”, and “Only Girl In The World”. Rihanna moved her body in short, swift movements, and she incorporated her beauty brand into the set by doing a mid-performance make up check in the mirror of one of her Fenty Products.

The 34-year-old also left room to honor the late André Leon Talley. Toward the end of her set, she slides into a floor length red leather, Alaïa puffer jacket. The jacket closely resembled one of Talley’s most recognizable looks, where the fashion designer sports a red Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat; Talley’s official instagram page acknowledged the moment alongside “Umbrella” lyrics.

Written by Sydney Davis, photo credit Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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