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She Grinds Pretty: Meet Hawa Lansanah Owner of HawAmazing Design & Stitch, LLC

May 24, 2022

She Grinds Pretty: Meet Hawa Lansanah Owner of HawAmazing Design & Stitch, LLC

Meet Hawa Lansanah, the owner of HawAmazing Design & Stitch®️, LLC. She’s a proud Liberian, HBCU grad from Savannah State University, and proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Find out more about her unique and fashionable brand!


 GP: How do you pronounce your business name?

H: “HawAmazing®“ is derived from my name, which is pronounced “Hah-Wah” (not “How-Wuh”). It was very important to stay true to my culture when deciding on my company’s name. 

GP: How did you get your start?

H:Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m all about sharing my Liberian culture with the world. I’m constantly inviting my friends to family functions where they can be embraced by the culture and traditions. My friends would always ask me to make them something authentic to wear to the event. While living in Africa, our school uniforms were lovingly handmade by our mother, so I’m no stranger to a needle and thread. For years I would make unique pieces and accessories for my friends as gifts. Word quickly got out and when my order volume continued to grow, I knew it was time to make a move. In the Summer of 2019, HawAmazing Design & Stitch® became a “stitch.” I started by participating in local pop-up shops and festivals and that led to launching my online store in 2020.

GP:What is your WHY?

H: HawAmazing Design & Stitch®️ consists of multi-seasonal styles and products. My company also focuses on 3 principles; Community Service, Education, and Diverse Cultural Inclusion. I use my designs to educate my customers about my heritage.  The Vai Tribe's language is at the root of my designs. Each piece tells a unique story. 

H:HawAmazing Design & Stitch®️ maintains that mission of education by creating products and curating hands-on experiences that connect our customers to the history, language and cuisine of Liberia. 

GP: What "Not so pretty" obstacles have you faced while on your grind?

H:Sometimes things are “not so pretty”.Coming back to Corporate America after teaching for six years, while launching a brand is not for the faint of heart. Sleepless nights spent developing new products, filling orders and brainstorming marketing campaigns to engage with my customers has been exhausting, but at the same time so fulfilling. My only complaint is doing my bookkeeping. Ugh… It’s so boring! But through it all, I’ve remained determined to see HawAmazing® expand. Like everyone else, the pandemic has been my biggest challenge. We live in a different world now and I’ve had to pivot my business strategy several times to survive. But thanks to persistence and my amazing and supportive customers and followers, HawAmazing® continues to be successful in spite of this pandemic.

What quote or mantra do you live by?

H: Always deliver more than expected!

GP: What does grinding pretty mean to you? 

H: I am constantly trying to improve my skills, expand my reach and elevate my brand. With all that, this grind can get overwhelming. What makes the grind “pretty” is the time I take for mental and physical relaxation.  I’m not at my best if I don’t get my rest. Delivering quality products is a must and as for me and my house… I will hit the refresh button to make sure I’m true to my brand.

Follow Hawa on Instagram @hawamazingdesignandstitch

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