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She Grinds Pretty: Meet Makeba "Keba" Lloyd Founder & CEO Butter By Keba

May 31, 2022

She Grinds Pretty: Meet Makeba "Keba" Lloyd Founder & CEO Butter By Keba

Meet Makeba “Keba” Lloyd of the Harlem-born premium line of moisturizers and synergistic fragrances, Butter By Keba! Not only is this luxurious plant- based brand good for your skin, they also support an awesome cause!

GP: Tell us about your business
BBK:Butter By Keba serves earth-centered efficiency in extraordinary body care and fragrance.

GP: What is your WHY?
BBK:Butter By Keba came to be from a desire to create through fragrance and apply the art and practice of perfumery and aromatherapy to one product, intended to foster connection and soothe dry skin. I also wanted to support some pretty important causes. A portion of all purchases goes to local Harlem anti-violence and financial literacy initiative Hands That Make A Difference.

GP: How did you get started?
BBK: I started experimenting in my kitchen with shea butter. After taking a trip through Egypt I became inspired to experiment with aromatherapy and fragrance as a therapeutic hobby. I later invested in certification classes to better understand how to apply fragrance to what I was making. At the time I was working in real estate, and my work colleague was my very first customer.

GP: What “not so pretty” obstacles have you faced while on your grind?
BBK:There have been times when I would sit at my computer working for hours and not eat or drink water. That poor habit eventually caused me to injure myself. Self care is often neglected when you’re building something. I will never let that happen again.

GP:What quote or mantra do you live by?
BBK:Slow and steady wins the race.

GP: What does grinding pretty mean to you?
BBK:Grinding pretty, to me, means working smart and consistent; on your own terms; and according to divine plan.


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