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She Grinds Pretty: Meet Monique Ingram CEO & Founder of GoSleek Hair

March 10, 2022

She Grinds Pretty: Meet Monique Ingram CEO & Founder of GoSleek Hair

When you think of innovator’s and game changer’s in the beauty and hair, you have to include Monique Ingram and her company Go Sleek Hair Co.
In honor of Women’s History Month, it made sense to feature Monique’s story. Having been in business for nine years, she knows a thing or two about healthy hair and what it takes to build an empire. Monique is definitely a true force to be reckoned with and is consistently making her mark in her lane
Check out our exclusive interview below!
GP:How did you come up with the name Go Sleek Hair Co? 
Go Seek started out as the name of my hair growth supplement; that was all it was supposed to be. I had no idea Go Sleek would evolve into this! When I thought about silky, long, flowy hair I always thought about the word sleek!
GP:What are the top 3 benefits of the Silk Roller?
1. It’s Healthier for your hair because you can get curls without curling irons. #heatlesscurls
2. It’s a time saver! Roll your hair before bed then you wake up to bouncy curls.
3. Made of 100% mulberry silk. This is the highest grade of silk! Silk is great for your hair because it allows for it to stay moisturized, hydrated and full of body. 
GP: I’ve tried a lot of Edge Control products and your Edge Paste is honestly some of the best that I’ve ever tried. If you could only bring 2 products from your Go Sleek Hair Co collection on vacation, which 2 products are you bringing and why? 
Monique: Thank you!!! It depends on where I’m going but I would if vacationing on a beach, it's the edge paste and the wavy ponytail - hands down! The ponytail is convenient and super fast to install! I wouldn’t have to worry about humidity or my hair poofing up because who has time to be dealing with hair on vacation!
Go Sleek Hair Roller
GP:As a minority business woman, what advice can you give to  other minority business owners? 
Dedicate a few hours a week to learning something new! Stay on YouTube, listening to podcasts & reading new books about business. All the information you need to advance is out there and easily accessible.
GP:How important is having the right team when building your business? And if someone wanted to work with Go Sleek Hair Co , what are the top 3 things that you are looking for when adding to your team?
Your team can make you or break you! It’s so important to have people on your team who truly want to see the business win! You need people who are trustworthy, honest, loyal, ambitious, innovative & creative!
GP: As a wife, mother and business woman how to you balance all 3?  What advice would you give other women who are also trying to balance all 3?
 I’m still learning the balance thing. It’s hard finding the perfect balance; some weeks my kids may require more, then one week my husband wants all my time, then another week the business - I try to do the best I can with what I have.
My advice for other women:
1. Ask for help. Hire a nanny or ask a family member to help with the kids when you need it.
2. Make sure you have a team or dedicated assistant to help with business task.
3. Don’t procrastinate!
4. Get a planner and block off time for tasks! This will help you be efficient with your time so you’re able to make time for your family, yourself and your business.
GP: What makes Go Sleek Hair Co stand out amongst competitors? 
We're building a brand to help people feel beautiful and fabulous without breaking the bank nor sacrificing their time. Go Sleek continues to evolve into a business that is considered the luxury DIY of hair. We are making fabulously sexy and chic hair accessible and affordable... I mean, who else on the market is delivering that with the quality that Go Sleek does? We love our customers and are constantly thinking of ways to get them involved in our business growth and trajectory. Go Sleek is in a lane of its own and we love it here!
GP: How has Go Sleek Hair Co changed the beauty game?
I don’t think we changed the hair game but we just added a little sauce to it! We understand, and mostly due to the pandemic, that people want to do their hair at home; they are watching Youtube videos to figure out hairstyles - and not to mention, everyone wants convenience and our products give the people what they want!
GP: 5 years from now, where do you see Go Sleek Hair Co.?
Go Sleek will be GLOBAL! Although we may be a small business now, just keep watching this growth spurt.. we didn't get here overnight so we are in it for the long haul! Stay tuned, you'll see us in retail stores and we will be talked about! 
For more info or to shop go to or follow on Instagram @GoSleekHair!

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