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Gamer Girl Queen Khamyra Partners with Nike & House of Hoops During NBA All Star Weekend

March 03, 2023

Gamer Girl Queen Khamyra Partners with Nike & House of Hoops During NBA All Star Weekend

While 24 basketball players spent 3 days getting their head in the game for NBA All-Star Weekend, girl gamer Queen Khamyra was busy adjusting her crown to prepare for a different kind of game…video games, that is.

At just 16 years old, Khamyra is a business owner, content creator, actress, model, and social media. phenomenon: Her Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube have a combined following of almost 3 million supporters. While building a community of this size is a large accomplishment, she also landed a spot on Forbes’ 2022 30 under 30 List.

“I would say my greatest achievement would be me making Forbes. Yes I have like 1.6 million followers on Instagram, but to see I actually made Forbes.. [it] showed people me being an entrepreneur and me doing different things in life other than just creating content.”

Khamyra also worked with brands such as Amazon Prime, NASCAR, Steve Madden, Apple TV+, and Pretty Little Thing. Her most recent partnership with House of Hoops and the HBCU Esports league was a continued effort to level the playing field for young women in the gaming world.

Participants got the opportunity to meet with Nike representatives and competed in a series of challenges leading up to the All-Star Weekend game. The challenges included a 3-pt shooting contest, a game of NBA 2k23, and a 3-pt basketball shot challenge in virtual reality. The winner won game tickets for an HBCU Student.

Prior to the commencement of the challenges, the designated students chose competition outfits from the House of Hoops store for each representative. Queen Khamyra owns her own fashion company called Putta Crown On It Boutique, so it comes as no surprise that one of her favorite parts, outside of the gaming experience, was shopping at the House of Hoops store.

“I’m very into fashion and making sure I look my best at all times, no matter what I’m doing, so I feel like that [was one of] the most important [parts].”

She has future plans to start her streaming channel, “The Queen Stream”, at the beginning of March 2023. Khamyra hopes to continue to show people that they can do anything they set their mind to and maximize industry efforts to make room for girls in sports and entertainment fields. She’s a great example of youth who will build a blueprint for emerging entrepreneurs.. Her ability to leverage social media to showcase her creativity goes to show influence has no age. The average sixteen year-old has no clue what it means to truly grind; let alone be an entrepreneur and land major partnerships! If more teenagers learned the importance of how to make and use money early on, the future of our community has no choice but to excel.

contributed by Sydney Davis and Taylar Broadnax

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